For over thirty years, I have been helping actors to develop credible character embodiment and dramaturgically intelligent roles, as well as to strengthen and grow personal talents. In addition to also preparing individuals for castings and screenplays, I offer career-related counseling and unique Authenticity Training.

Coaching for Professional Actors

Casting and Shooting Preparation

Make dramaturgically intelligent, bold, and powerful decisions. Thoroughly understand acting situations and roles. Be dramaturgically convincing. Enjoy yourself while acting.
Be excellent.
The confidence you gain from proper preperation will enable you to leave behind a great impression, because you will be able to sieze upon critical moments during performance and demonstrate your unique nature in the best possible light.

Career Coaching for Professional Actors:

With her extensive experience in the field, as a coach and as a working actress, Heike Hanold-Lynch is able to provide astute advice relevant to the growth of an acting career.

Authenticity Training and Schedule

Actors need an especially nuanced sense of the everyday and the existential, of their own and of unfamiliar lived realities. Actors must command an instinctive understanding of human nature beyond psychological explanations and beyond personal emotions.

In Authenticity Training, this consciousness is systematically cultivated and trained through practical exercises.

Drawing from the deeply-seated self within one's own personality, Authenticity Training uses various creative means to harness the immense, artistic wealth that lies beyond language and reason.

The result is trust in one's own personality, artistic freedom, directness, and genuine presence in front of the camera.

How does Authenticity Training work?

By referencing personal experiences and events, we systematically deepen and expand character-relevant dimensions, exploring and defining them more precisely. We strengthen specific innate capabilities such as: impulses, perception, concentration, imagination, timing, intuition, empathy...

By deeply concentrating on authentic, personal simplicity, we are able to tap into our inherent artistic wealth. Taking advantage of this knowledge, we can greatly improve our performance niveau. We thus gain natural authenticity and certainty, while developing clarity, strength, and a sense of the fundamental.

Authenticity Training is not a method-related approach. It is beneficial for castings, screenplay analysis, preparing for roles, on the set and in front of the camera. Rational actors become more animated; emotional actors gain a footing and structure.

Authenticity Training is made up of four equally important parts which deal with different components of role development. The parts can be booked individually or together - their contents are not repeated.

Contents of the four parts

  1. Will and Perception - The Foundation of Character Building:
    Self-reliance * Facts / Interpretations * Drive * Incentive* Decisions * Systematic Intuition * Emptiness * Associations * Sources of Inspiration * Obstacles * Concentrated Attention Span Variations * Firm Convictions *
  2. Relationships to People and Places- dynamic, lively, multifaceted:
    Experiencing Space * Perceiving Spaces * Making Spaces Personal * Areas of Safety * Mutual Wavelengths * Prejudices * Producing Convincing Love and Other Relationships * Utilizing and Referencing * Making Demands * Substitutions * Life and Death
  3. Bodies and Objects - physical genuineness, camera suitability:
    Character Development and Body Intelligence * Improving Relationships to One's Own Body * Active Props * Clothing * Eating * Contact Points * Pains * Professions * Habits * Body Language * Mannerisms, Automatism * Beauty * Allure *
  4. Emotions and Subtext - precise, honest, free and dense:
    Simple and Effective Camera Presence * Expressing the Inexpressible * Principles of Strength * Pauses * Voices and Emotions * Grief / Envy / Joy / Guilt / Jealousy / Curiosity / Fear / Enjoyment / Insecurity / Repulsion / Shame / Love / Boredom / Passion / Fury / Hatred / Longing *
    (With every course, the participants choose their own preferred areas of focus.)

Schedule: April to May 2015

Part 1: Will and Perception
April 02. to 04.
May 29. to 31.

Part 2: Relationships to People, Places, and Objects
April 10. to 12.

Part 3: Body
May 01. to 03.

Part 4: Emotion and Subtext
May 22. to 24.

General Conditions

Authenticity Training is held on weekends, Fri. from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Sat. from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sun. from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Course fee per participant and part is € 200 plus 19% VAT.
  • 10% discount for members of the Federal Association of Film and TV Actors (BFFS).

The four parts of the course can be booked in any order. Please complete your registration or cancellations by mail no later than a week before the course begins:
Register now... or send an E-mail to .
The maximum number of participants per course is six.

The first Thursday of every month is an exercise day focused on the topic "Will and Perception," from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for € 20. Participants are welcome to bring along their own scene material. To register requires no more than an SMS or phone call.

Actors live from Contacts...

Actors live from contacts.
Every actor's most important contact, however, is the contact with oneself, with one's own
deeper wealth of experiences and creative strength.
We and we alone carry the responsibility for this contact, regardless of the roles we play.

Only through us do our characters receive their voice.
Only through us do they receive even more than their voice.

Heike Hanold-Lynch

Coaching for Productions

Working Where the Work Takes Me

For the last twelve years, I have been coaching, developing, and teaching actors in leading roles for specific productions on a contractual basis. I assist them in aquiring and mastering the skills needed for a successful career in film & television. My clients range from established and well-known experienced actors to children and teens at the beginning of their careers.

I provide an atmosphere of trust, confidence and security. Additionally, I help the actor fulfill all his obligations on the film set.

My purpose is to help each actor reach their highest potential with smart choices and emotional intensity. I also help them to infuse a character with their own signature, while meeting and surpassing the requirements of the production.

Whether the producer, director or the star hires me, my job is to help the actor overcome any obstacles so they may give their best performance.


  • On-Set Coach (German & English)
  • Private One-On-One Sessions
  • Script and Scene Analysis
  • Professional Character and Scene Preparation
  • Voice Training in German and English
  • Dialogue Coach for Child Actors of every age
  • On-Camera for Stage Actors
  • Beginners
  • On-Demand Coaching for any emergency or stressful situation and auditions