Juni 2018:

Dead End:Heike Hanold-Lynch as Alma In the charmingly titeled ZDFneo Mini-Series with Michael Gwisdek and Antje Traue I play fitness trainer Alma. Christopher Schier is the director.

Back-for-GoodMay 2018:

Thoughtful, cool and supersweet: Nationwide cinema release on May 31st for Back for Good, directed by Mia Spengler, with my Uschi as friend and part of the Linedance-Team. ✌ Staring marvelous Kim Riedle, Juliane Köhler, Leonie Wesselow. From the German Film and Media Evaluation Agency labeled as: ‚Especially worthwhile‘.


Heike_Hanold-Lynchin Ella SchönApril 2018:

Super reviews, super ratings: ELLA SCHÖN will be continued with four ninty minute films per year! My judge Maier being part of it. Golden review at „Ella Schön – Die Inselbegabung / Das Ding mit der Liebe“

Heike_Hanold-Lynch and Axel MilbergFebruary 2018

„Borowski fishing for information from bigot Margot Hilse…" One of many good film reviews in German Tatort - Borowski und das Land zwischen den Meeren, February, 25th

October 2017:

Borowski und das Land zwischen den Meeren, directed by Sven Bohse. Showing at Filmfest Hamburg, nominated for the Producer Award. Being part of this brilliant production as Margot Hilse makes me very proud. First broadcast: Februar 25th, 2018.

September 2017:

Filming with Annette Frier and Julia Richter! In the new ZDF-Sunday evening series Ella Schön, I play the judge and swimmer Greta Maier. Director: Maurice Hübner

June 2017:

Heike_Hanold-Lynch und André-JungMata Hari - Tanz mit dem Tod, Preview at the French Embassy. On air: 18.6., 22h, ARD

May 2017:

Shooting with Antoine Monot Jr. in Ein Fall für Zwei as principle Frau Taubmann. Director: Thomas Nennstiel

March - April 2017:

Theatrical release on April 8th: Sam Garbarski's Bye Bye Germany

Tatort Kiel - Borowski und das Land zwischen den Meeren - Director: Sven Bohse, Casting Mai Seck. I am looking forward to Axel Milberg and my role as Margot Hilse, a special kind of custodian.

Heike_Hanold-Lynch und André-JungHeike_Hanold-Lynch und André-Jung - Berlinale Special Gala at Friedrichstadtpalast:
Bye Bye Germany by Sam Garbarski: I am Gerda Schütz with André Jung as my husband on my side.

Heike Hanold-Lynch in Heike Hanold-Lynch in Back for goodBack for Good by Mia Spengler is the opening movie in the Berlinale-Section Perspektive Deutsches Kino with me as the dance loving Uschi.

November 2016:

Mata Hari and Mademoiselle Docteur – After our highly acclaimed and much awarded Otto-Weidt-Film I am delighted to announce another cooperation with director Kai Christiansen and Vincent TV-Producer Matthias Martens as sister Leonide.

Die Vierte Gewalt, Nov. 30th, 20:15PM Airing the first time on ARD

October 2016:

Oct. 4th. Premiere Volltreffer! The romantic soccer comedy! Sat1, 20:15h

August - September 2016:

Featuring several identities in both films, I am happy to announce two premium TV productions:

26.08.2016: Die Vierte Gewalt, 20:15h, arte

02.09.2016: Asche zu Asche - Der Kriminalist, 20:15h, ZDF

Juni 2016:

Benno Fürmann, Brigitte Maria Bertele, Franziska Weisz, Heike Hanold-Lynch und Oliver Masucci (Foto: Filmfest München / Kurt Krieger)Die vierte Gewalt will be screening June 27th and 29th at Filmfest München, directed by Brigitte M. Bertele. I am looking forward watching our political thriller on big screen. VOLLTREFFER! The romantic soccer comedy featuring Axel Stein and Julia Hartmann includes my performance as bank manager. Sat.1, Director: Granz Henman, Casting: Uwe Bünker

April 2016:

Sam Garbarski the director of Irina Palm is shooting a new international feature film in which I play the housewife Gerda Schütz alongside the actors André Jung and Anatol Taubman - Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland! Casting: Heta Mantscheff

In the X-Film production Wunschkinder - written by Dorothee Schön and directed by Emily Atef - I am portraying Marie's mother. Casting: Simone Bär

December 2015:

The feature comedy Back for Good is the graduation film of students from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. I am looking forward to the shooting with director Mia Spengler and to act alongside my collegues Juliane Köhler, Ulrike Krumbiegel and Anne K. Gummich.

Casting: Lisa Stutzki

November 2015:

In Stralsund - Schutzlos I will portray Vera Hidde. She is the wife of Karl Hidde who is played by Alexander Held. Direction: Lars Gunnar Lotz, casting: Sandra Köppe

Die vierte Gewalt, political drama: As part of a great ensemble I play the mysterious character of Doris who has a dual identity. Direction: Brigitte M. Bertele, script: Jochen Bitzer, casting: Bo Rosenmüller.

September / October 2015:

As part of a team with Maria Simon and Lukas Gregorowicz I am playing the police superintendent Diana Weber in Polizeiruf 110 - Der Preis der Freiheit. Direction: Stephan Rick, casting: Tina Böckenhauer

Letzte Spur Berlin, season: Klare Kante. Direction: Christoph Stark, casting: D. Weyers. I am playing the unemployed Lori Weigel, mother of a daughter who is reported missing...

Sam Garbarski, director of Irina Palm, is shooting a new international motion picture film Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland! in which I will be playing a German housewife.

July 2015:

In WALD, the graduation film of HFF München I am playing the mother of the main character. It is an exciting and complex script and is inspired by Permanent Vacation by Jim Jarmusch. Script and direction: Sarah Ben Hardouze.

May / June 2015:

Heike Hanold-Lynch als Der Kriminalist, direction: Filippos Tsitos. Yay: Actors' treats! I am playing the schizophrenic Verena Radczinsky and Torsten Michaelis is playing my husband. And in Rosa - Die Hochzeitsplanerin I will be Danni Sander who is a former ballroom dancer. Direction: Hans Jörg Thurn.

February 2015:

Our psycho thriller HomeSick celebrates its world premiere on 9 February at the Berlinale, being part of the section "perspective German Cinema". Script and direction by Jakob Erwa. Klick here to see the official trailer on YouTube ...

Heike Hanold-Lynch als Hotelchefin Sandra Carstensen in SoKo WismarSoko Wismar fans watch out: in the episode Femme Fatale, broadcast on 11 February 2015 at 6:05 pm on ZDF, I am playing Sandra Carstensen the main character of this episode who is an alcoholic and former hotel manager. Script and directoin: Hans-Christoph Blumenberg.

December 2014, January 2015:

Our series Alles muss raus - Eine Familie rechnet ab has been awarded for the Grimme Preis in the fictoin section!
A spate of awards and nominations also for our fantastic Grand Budapest Hotel, here a sample - please cross fingers for the Oscar Awards.

  • Nine Oscar nominations, including the sections best film and best direction
  • Golden Globe Award in the section best comedy
  • Received the title "exceptionally valuable" by the German film and media evaluation
  • Nomination for Screen Actors Guild of America: best ensemble performance
  • February 2014: Silver Bear/ Grand Jury Price

October 2014:

600 PS For Two, a TV-movie for ZDF and an adaption from the French road-comedy Une Ferrari pour deux features me as the boarding school headmistress. Directed by Sophie Allet-Coche.

Alles muss rausThe highly acclaimed TV mini-Series Everything Must Go in which I play a drugstore sales woman, premiers on ARD Monday, October 13th (Part 1) and Wednesday, October 15th (Part 2). Producer: Oliver Berben, Director: Dror Zahavi, DOP: Gero Steffen, Casting: Anja Dihrberg.

September 2014:

Grand-Budapest-HotelDyslexie, directed by Oscar winner Marc-Andreas Bochert will be shown on September - 12th on ARDalpha. Next to Christoph Bach I play a lead as the unconventional judge Elvira Donner.

August 2014:

Femme fatale, Soko Wismar, directed by Hans-Christoph Blumenberg. Thank you Bo Rosenmüller: I absolutely love my role as Sandra Carstensen, a former hotel manager, who is now disabled.

July 2014:

Grand-Budapest-HotelAlles versucht, a music video by singer - songwriter Maxim was realized by LMPIX, produced by Warner Music and shot in an old mansion in Berlin-Zehlendorf.

June 2014:

Dyslexie runs at the German Film Festival in Ludwigshafen.

March 2014:

Everything Must Go, directed by Dror Zahavi - Together with Josephine Preuß and embedded in an exquisite ensemble of actors I play the drugstore employee, Marina, who is in danger becoming a welfare case.

Oscar Roehler's new feature Long Live Punk by X-Filme will very definitely be worth seeing - and so will be Richard and his wife Karin... Opening Spring 2015.

In Father, a biographic shortfilm by Korean filmstudent Hyeck Joon Son at the film-School Babelsberg, I play the role of the mother.

Tilo Nest, is my partner in Amok - a psychodrama by Zoltan Paul.

Here is my interview with Moviepilot about the shooting of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel.

January / February 2014:

Grand-Budapest-HotelOur film about Otto Weidt has been met with enthusiastic reviews. I am greatly looking forward to the world-premiere of The Grand Budapest Hotel at the Berlinale and am also excited to start my next project, a film with Oskar Roehler about our early eighties West Berlin: PUNK.

November 2013:

Matthias-Martens_Lutz-Marmor-ARD_Henriette-Confurius_Volker-Herres_Kai-Christiansen_Heike-Hanold-Lynch_Uwe-BohmA great honor:
A Blind Hero - The Love of Otto Weidt will premiere on November 15, 2013 under the sponsorship of the Senatskanzlei and ARD in the ballroom of the Rotes Rathaus.
Television broadcast: 6. January 2014.

November 2013:

Shooting: In the Psychothriller HomeSick, written and directed by Jakob M. Erwa, I will embody the mother of the main character Jessica.

October 2013:

Alongside the BKM sponsored shooting of Charlie - Drink or Undress under the direction of HFF lecturer Christine Lang and my role as German teacher, Dr. Ortseifen, in the SAT1 comedy, The Chinese are Coming (Dir: Granz Henman), the trailer for the Wes Anderson film "The Grand Budapest Hotel" is now online. It will premiere on 7. March 2014.

May / June 2013:

In Dyslexie, an ARD/BR alpha TV networks drama directed by Marc-Andreas Bochert, I play the role of Elvira Donner, a committed and unconventional judge, who rightly puts Philipp (Christoph Bach), whose case she is deciding, through the wringer.

April 2013:

In the postwar drama FREI (director: Bernd Fischerauer), showing at the festival Bozener Filmtagen, I play an indestructible Berlin woman, who begins a new life in Buenos Aires.

March 2013:

In A Blind Hero - The Love of Otto Weidt, a production of Vincent TV GmbH, (director: Kai Christiansen) I embodied the character of Else Weidt: apolitical, self-absorbed woman overtaken by sympathy and good judgment, who protects her husband's beloved from the Nazis.

Heike-Hanold-Lynch-the-grand-budapest-hotelHere is my interview with Moviepilot about the shooting of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The most Andersonesque film that Wes Anderson has ever shot.

Heike-Hanold-Lynch-the-grand-budapest-hotelWe talked to actress Heike Hanold-Lynch, a German actress who works in international film productions, among them The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson, where she plays one of the "black sisters".

  • What did you do and how did you feel when you found out that Wes Anderson was considering you for a part in his new film?

When the casting call came, I was over the moon - I'm a big Wes Anderson fan, and I love the lyricism of his films, especially The Life Aquatic. Because his aesthetic is unique, I thought a great deal about what to wear to the casting. The information I had was that the character is a spinster and the story takes place in the 1930s. So, in every casting round, I wore a severe grey suit, but I added a black fabric rose in cowboy-necktie style to the collar. My appearance fitted the historic period but it was a little eccentric with a Texan touch - Wes comes from Texas. But in the end, of course, it was down to convincing them as an actress, and improvising in English with some fellow actresses.

  • What's it like working with Wes Anderson? Are his working methods as touchingly adolescent as his films?

In real life, Wes Anderson has an extremely pleasant personality. He's a brilliant perfectionist and yet laid-back at the same time; he's very stylish, and he's attentive, friendly and witty. Sabine Urig, Michaela Caspar and I had the pleasure of rehearsing with him alone in the Hotel de Rome an hour before shooting began. When I asked him why the sisters always stuck together and weren't married, he thought for a moment, and then answered: "They don't trust anybody". A brilliantly simple answer that explains everything. While shooting, Wes Anderson sets the rhythm and choreography, but I still felt spontaneous and free. My description of Wes' working method is that he creates a beautiful, inspiring relationship with his actors that is spectacular in its perfection, and almost childish in its purity. His team are like shadows. I didn't even notice the sound people until the fifth day on set, for example.

  • In The Grand Budapest Hotel you worked together with big Hollywood stars like Bill Murray, Ralph Fiennes, Owen Wilson and Tilda Swinton. What did that feel like?

Wonderful. I enjoyed every second of my seven days of shooting. I had great respect but wasn't afraid of rubbing shoulders with them - even though the stars were kept apart. In the end, we're all professionals in our own right, meeting at our place of work, and there's no space for fawning - in any case, I'd already worked together with Tom Hanks and Liam Neeson. It doesn't matter what country and what acting tradition you come from, I always think it's a terrific experience to work with outstanding actors - people with a real "generosity of spirit" - because it opens up space for creativity and humanity. So there was Ralph Fiennes, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Owen Wilson, Edward Norton and Jeff Goldblum - fantastic! And each and every one of these highly successful and talented people achieved his or her top form in surprisingly different ways.

  • You lived in America for a long time and studied the Tony Greco method together with the late Philip Seymour Hoffman for several years. Now you've been back in Germany for a few years - have you benefitted from your experience in America?

Philip Seymour Hoffman was brimming with the desire to act, and long before he became famous, film students were vying with each other to work with him. Phil was brilliant - such a virtuoso and so touchingly human in his portrayal of characters. We studied for many years at the same time with Tony whose 'hardcore method', as we jokingly referred to it, was extremely subtle, high quality work - although it is not particularly oriented on results. During my New York years, I also studied acting techniques that were more concrete, and I've long since cultivated my own style. I've just shot a film with Oskar Roehler, Punk. This feature film takes place in the old West Berlin of the 1980s… It was good that I left Berlin and it's good to come back ten years later, although it's tricky for me to get into the rhythm here. Back then, I blew a few opportunities, like a screen test for the lead in Dominik Graf's Der Felsen. I wouldn't make the same mistake today! I worked as an acting coach for twelve years behind the scenes and on set - but then my passion to act was fired up again, and this time round it's looking pretty good for me: in the meantime I've played a whole range of roles, with fabulous colleagues like Edgar Selge, Christoph Bach, Tom Schilling, and I'm happy to be able to use my versatility to the full. Right now, I'm looking forward to my role as the Schlecker drugstore employee Marina, together with Josefine Preuß and Florian Lukas for a two-part ZDF series called Die Abrechnung, directed by Dror Zahavi. We start shooting the day after tomorrow.

  • You play one of the 'black sisters' in The Grand Hotel Budapest. Can you say something about your role?

My sisters Laetizia, Marguerite and I own the Grand Budapest Hotel, together with our brother, played by Adrien Brody. My character had the wonderful name of Carolina Desgoffe-and-Taxis. Tilda Swinton is our mother, Willem Dafoe our bodyguard, Jeff Goldblum our lawyer, Mathieu Amalric our butler and Léa Seydoux our chambermaid. I shrieked aloud when I first heard that! Then we were fitted for costumes: Wes and the costume designer legend Milena Canonero (three Oscars for The Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and Marie Antoinette) had thought up three different looks for the sisters (in one variation, the costumes were modelled on Adrien Brody's nose). The costume fittings - all original 1930s outfits - weren't done and dusted after a week: Milena tirelessly perfected our outfits until the last take of the last frame. She is brilliant and approaches her work like Wes. And the icing on the cake was that Sabine Urig, Michaela Caspar and I worked together like a dream, and we went through this unique experience together from the casting to the world premiere, bound together like loyal sisters.

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel was the opening film at the Berlin Film Festival 2014 and starts in cinemas on 6 March 2014. You've already seen the film. What would recommend about it to the moviepiloten?

Grand Budapest Hotel is terrific, a gem and an absolute cult film. Somehow, Wes Anderson has managed to multiply himself and coolly outstrip the high expectations people had of his next work. The film is exuberantly rich in ideas, very funny, elegant, droll, subtly political - the most Wes Andersonesque film he's ever made! Even though the story is not difficult to tell. It's a must-see!

And finally, a question that particularly interests the moviepiloten: What are your three favourite films? Three films that mean a lot to me: Firstly, Sophie's Choice because Meryl Streep is a sight to behold. Secondly, Somersault - Wie Parfum in der Luft by Cate Shortland because I love this film! And thirdly, Das weiße Band - Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte by Michael Haneke, about burgeoning fascism, with wonderful acting. The most important director for me at the moment is Steve McQueen. And the next film I'm going to watch is Philomena by Stephen Frears. And don't miss out on Lauf Junge Lauf by Pepe Danquart. Thank you all!

The original interview in german is here on

Jan. / Feb. 2013:

Following four rounds of casting, I was chosen to play a distinct, supporting role in Wes Anderson's new feature film The Grand Budapest Hotel, alongside Adrien Brody, Ralph Fiennes, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum and others.

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